Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement by Top-Rated Brentwood Electricians

Residential electrical systems are put to the test every day. You may not even realize just how much energy you are using. Operating the appliances, lights, and other devices in your home requires ample power. The more you require from your electrical system, the more likely it is that power failures may occur if you don’t have the correct power.

At My Brentwood Electrician Hero, we know how important it is to have an electrical panel that is properly wired with the correct number of circuits. For 20 years, we have helped residents and commercial property owners repair, replace, and maintain their main panels. Our technicians are the best in the industry and have decades of combined experience. When you need service, call us first for affordable pricing and guaranteed service.

Do You Know the Signs of a Failing Electrical Panel?

Most everyone has experienced a power outage at some point. Usually, this happens because of a storm or other natural occurrence. When this happens, you call the power supply company and wait for service to be restored. But what happens when you lose power for other reasons?

Many times power is lost because of a problem with a property’s electrical panel. This panel is mounted to the wall in your garage or basement. It is where all power is received and dispersed. When electrical panels begin to fail, you may not have complete power loss. Instead, you may experience the following signs:

  • Lights that flicker
  • Outlets that don’t work
  • Switches that won’t turn on
  • Power surges

If you’ve noticed any of these problems in your home, call your local Brentwood electrician. Chances are the problem is something minor and relatively inexpensive to fix, but don’t wait. Ignoring small problems is what creates serious, expensive issues in the future.

Do You Need more Power?

You may be surprised by the answer. The average 2,000 square foot home can get by with a 200-amp breaker. 200-amps is quite powerful, but when you start adding things like high-tech appliances, hot tubs, electric fireplaces, and other amenities you may start putting stress on your system. Sometimes homeowners need to upgrade their panels with additional circuits or add a separate sub panel to get the power they need without putting their devices and home at risk.

If you’re using more and more power strips because you don’t have enough outlets, this is a sign you need to add more circuits to your electrical panel. Give us a call and let us take a look at how your electricity is wired. Our friendly, skilled electricians will evaluate your usage and make practical suggestions for how you can power your home more efficiently.

My Brentwood Electrician Hero is licensed, bonded and insured. We’re available 24/7/365. We’re always ready to take your call and help you with all your home and commercial wiring needs! Call us today.